The issues facing tanned Canadians in a snow white election...

  • 3/31/2011
  • P-ublic E-nemy
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  • One of these beauties is the lovely black Liberal MP Hedy Fry. The other seven have penis.

    Are there any black conservatives in Canada?

    Sure, her:

    As a conservative party staffer, her duties include showing major cleavage, serving drinks, and mocking one of Canada's few black members of parliament...really just doing anything to please her blonde-haired-blue-eyed bosses:

    MP Candice Hoeppner (right) with her staffer dressed as Liberal MP Hedy Fry

    If that's what the conservative party does to a black chick who's into them...what're they gonna do to the rest of us? Ask my girl, these fingers were made for fucking, not handling fine crystal.

    The time has come for strategic voting. No more voting for third parties, no matter how charismatic their leaders are. I voted for Joe Pantalone in the Toronto election, and we ended up with that fat farm fugitive Rob Ford. If I vote for the Bloc Québécois again, we'll end up with a conservative majority in parliament. Damn it! I really like Gilles Duceppe...


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