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  • 4/04/2011
  • P-ublic E-nemy
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  • I don't envy the life of a PopStar. You dance on that fine-line between teasing & softcore porn. You can show off cleavage, but not nipple. You can sound sexually suggestive, but must refrain from phone sex. You can pop that booty, but never while on all fours.

    Ever vigilant in enforcing these arbitrary regulations are government authorities, parent groups, & comedians. Cross them and you'll be condemned to a career in reality television.

    So pity Rihanna when TMZ released this image:

    It was so shocking, people began to look at her as a human being. One of God's frail creatures deserving of our love and compassion. In other words, the blood instantly rushed out of North America's collective cock - threatening her career as a PopStar.

    She could have easily put out a sex-tape to win the erections. Instead, she stayed true to her profession & came back like a pro!

    From ads promoting moisturized cleavage skin:

    To the modelling of revealing pasties fashions:

    And strategic leaks of breasts to the press:

    These long & hard dicks efforts created a #3 album release:

    Of course, it's much easier for men.

    From promising not to play UFC with girls:

    To re-connecting with fans on social media:

    And softening the public image:

    There's really not that much effort required to create a chart topper:


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