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  • 4/13/2011
  • P-ublic E-nemy
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  • Either the leisure class has nothing better to do...
    Or 'The Wall Street Journal' loved the psy-ops in 'The Good Wife' so much...they jizzed out an entire transcript of last nights episode:

    Source: Wall Street Journal (April 13, 2011)
    Former Senator Fred Thompson plays an actor turned lawyer who turns up, explaining that the Venezuelan government has nationalized Latin Star.

    Chavez is changing the law so there can be no fair market assessment. He has that power whenever he sees it necessary to protect the interest of Venezuela.

    “Oh my God,” says Will. “It’s like being in a Woody Allen movie.”

    The judge then rules that it would be in everyone’s interest for Lockhart, Gardner to join Frank in representing Chavez in the lawsuit.

    “Great,” mutters Will. “We have a dictator for a client.”

    A lot of incomprehensible back and forth leads to Will getting $87 mill, the extra bucks explained as “standard surcharge for dictators.”

    There was good reason to ignore Venezuela's countless internationally monitored elections, billions of dollars paid out for takeovers, & astoundingly uncharismatic lawyers.

    The American government, CBS, & Exxon could not let 'The Apple Pirates' go unchallenged:

    Source: CBC Radio 3 (April 12, 2011)
    Watch this great bunch of kids called the Apple Pirates covering Arkells’ song “The Ballad of Hugo Chavez”.

    Hahaha! Cute cover of an old song that still gets rotation up here:

    Album: Arkells - Jackson Square
    Song: The Ballad Of Hugo Chavez

    Alternate Video


    New state officials
    Are outside runnin' around...
    They're telling the public
    That I need...
    To be put down

    And Washington's saying...
    That I wasn't doing things

    But in the...
    (Pop! Pop!)
    Of the sun...
    (Hey! Hey! Hey!)


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