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  • 4/27/2011
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  • Canada's general election is a week away (May 2, 2011). As of this post, revolution is in the air...joining our embarrassingly high per capita C02 emissions. But before I address any of that, it's important to know how we got here.

    I previously introduced you to the opposition leader, Michael Ignatieff. Today I'll introduce you to our incumbent prime minister, Stephen Harper (Conservative Party of Canada):

    Stephen Harper is a leader who can be trusted to run the country, manage the economy and protect our security in the greater public interest at a time of global uncertainty. Uniting our federation – and keeping his commitments – he is delivering on a people-focused agenda.

    If anything, he's a remarkably honest man. Here he is, issuing a warning to Canadians who might vote for his party:

    Stephen Harper warned “a party that does not have the interests of this country at heart, will be looking to exploit any incoherence or instability for its own purposes.”

    Such a disclaimer should not come as a surprise. I don't understand why all the opposition parties keep harping on about Harper's "hidden agenda". The guy has publicly written about his desire to "not have the interests of this country at heart":

    During and since the recent federal election, we have been among a large number of Albertans discussing the future of our province. We propose our province move forward on the following fronts:

    1. Withdraw from the Canada Pension Plan
    2. Collect our own revenue from personal income tax
    3. Start preparing to let the contract with the RCMP run out in 2012 and create an Alberta provincial police force
    4. Resume provincial responsibility for health care policy. We can afford the financial penalties Ottawa might try to impose under the Canada Health Act.

    As economic slowdown, and perhaps even recession, threatens North America...It is imperative to take the initiative, to build firewalls around Alberta.

    Once Alberta's position is secured, only our imagination will limit the prospects for extending the reform agenda. To cite only a few examples, lower taxes will unleash the energies of the private sector; easing conditions for charter schools will help individual freedom...

    Sincerely yours,

    Stephen Harper, President, National Citizens' Coalition

    International readers are probably wondering why Canadians put this fugitive from the Branch Davidians in charge of our federal government. After all, Americans would only trust him to lead Texas...not the entire country.

    In our defense, over 60% of us voted against him. Hell, even his own compound thinks he's kind of nutters.

    A clear majority of Albertans reject the hard-edged "Alberta First" provincialism being promoted by prominent conservatives in the province, a new Globe and Mail/CTV poll suggests.

    The survey of 750 Albertans, conducted last week, showed a large majority of Albertans support national programs such as the Canada Pension Plan and the Canada Health Act.

    The Ipsos-Reid poll tested public support for a manifesto published recently by six prominent Alberta intellectuals, who urged the provincial government to build a "firewall" around the province by withdrawing from national programs.

    Stephen Harper, a key proponent of the provincialist strategy, said yesterday that he is not disheartened that his views have apparently not been embraced by the majority of Albertans.

    "I think there is a lot of flux to these ideas -- they are really just beginning to take hold," Mr. Harper said.

    Naturally, our british electoral system rewards such popular support.

    So why do less than 40% of Canadians support this man? Some people hate taxes like the Abrahamic religions hate babies with foreskin. It doesn't have to make sense. They're dirty & someone needs to cut them without pity.

    Hands off Venezuela!

  • 4/22/2011
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  • Now that's "Foreign Aid" !

    He's from Texas. He's a Republican. He's not Ron Paul. Despite these obvious intellectual disabilities, Congressman Ted Poe makes a coherent argument against government waste:

    I agree, cutting $400 billion is really not much of a cut, especially in these times when Congress continues to spend more and more money. Maybe it's time to reconsider our foreign aid that we send to countries throughout the world.

    Now, this map over here to my left shows the world, and most of it is in red. All of those countries that are in red on this map receive American taxpayer foreign aid.

    We don't separate the countries one at a time and vote up or down on whether they ought to get American money. I think if we did that, most of these countries in red wouldn't be seeing any American money. With the way the rule works, we put all 150-plus countries in one package, and we vote for all of them.

    ...we just keep sending it and sending it and sending it, and we send it to countries that many Americans don't even understand why we send it to those countries...

    But here is something that most Americans may not know about. We give money to Venezuela. Why do we give money to Chavez and Venezuela? He hates the United States. He defies our President, makes fun of our Nation. We don't need to give him any foreign aid.

    Of course, you could nitpick.

    The United States appears "in red" on the congressman's map, even though it only receives Chinese - not American - foreign aid.

    As for Venezuela, Americans may not approve of George Carlin's rule over that country. But they're sure to support the reconstruction efforts taking place on Maria Corina Machado's face:

    In fiscal year 2010, the Venezuela account showed $6 million. For fiscal year 2012, the administration has requested a little less for Venezuela -- $5 million.

    The funding comes from the Economic Support Fund, which, according to the State Department, "promotes stability and U.S. security interests in strategic regions of the world."

    Members of a local group called Súmate who had received U.S. aid for a project on electoral observance "were accused of conspiracy and betrayal. The trial against them, which was initiated in 2003, is still pending."

    In a 2006 article based on Freedom of Information Act requests, the Associated Press reported that Chavez accused his opponents of taking "gringo money" to undermine his regime.

    Source: PolitiFact

    Of course, that's not fair.

    Perhaps this money is supporting doctors, nurses, & generic drug producers looking to improve the lives of the most destitute and needy.

    Or perhaps Dambisa Moyo was right all along, and all this money ends up in the hands of a corrupt cabal:

    Another administration document says aid helps "strengthen the capacity of non-governmental organizations to monitor and report on government performance" -- in other words, to be a watchdog of the government, not a supporter.

    Source: PolitiFact

    Of course, it's a judgment call.

    Sure, they could fund NGO's who support the government in dealing with crippling droughts & floods.

    But then who would give the U.S. State Department's annual 'Human Rights Report' that air of impartiality?

    Venezuela is a multiparty constitutional democracy with a population of approximately 28 million.

    The following human rights problems were reported by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), the media, and in some cases the government itself: unlawful killings, including summary executions of criminal suspects; widespread criminal kidnappings for ransom; prison violence and harsh prison conditions; inadequate juvenile detention centers; arbitrary arrests and detentions; corruption and impunity in police forces; corruption, inefficiency, and politicization in a judicial system characterized by trial delays and violations of due process; political prisoners and selective prosecution for political purposes; infringement of citizens' privacy rights; restrictions on freedom of expression; government threats to sanction or close television stations and newspapers; corruption at all levels of government; threats against domestic NGOs; violence against women; trafficking in persons; and restrictions on workers' right of association.

    Of course, impartiality is priceless.

    Precisely because it doesn't exist:

    Venezuela worse, Colombia better on rights: US

    Human rights conditions worsened over the past year in Venezuela, but improved in Colombia, the US State Department said Friday in an annual review.

    In Venezuela, ruled by firebrand President Hugo Chavez, the US cited a litany of abuses including "unlawful killings, including summary executions of criminal suspects; widespread criminal kidnappings for ransom; prison violence and harsh prison conditions."

    In Colombia, the Santos government "made demonstrable advances in improving the human rights environment" and implemented new policies to accelerate the return of land to displaced families.

    Of course, Congressman Ted Poe is right.

    ...we just keep sending it and sending it and sending it, and we send it to countries that many Americans don't even understand why we send it to those countries...

    It's time we reconsider foreign aid and save American taxpayers money. We are at war in two countries now. This debt is tremendous. We have a lot of issues in this country, and we need to start taking care of America before we start sending American money to countries throughout the world. It's a time to reconsider foreign aid.

    Liberez Nous Des Liberaux

  • 4/18/2011
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  • Canada's general election is only a few weeks away (May 2, 2011). Given our natural resources & strategic're probably wondering what emerges when an oil-rich heiress straddles the worlds greasiest gigolo.

    But first, an important message from Canada's intelligence agency (CSIS):

    Richard Fadden, the director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told CBC News in an exclusive interview: "We're in fact a bit worried. We have an indication that there's some political figures who have developed quite an attachment to foreign countries."

    Source: CBC

    Yeah yeah, whatever.

    Today, we meet the leader of the honourable opposition (Liberal Party of Canada), Michael Ignatieff:

    He has been a writer, a journalist, a teacher of human rights, and a proud voice for Canada on the world stage.

    He is a leader who listens. Since he was elected to Parliament, Michael has travelled to every province and territory, sharing his vision with Canadians in communities large and small.

    If you haven't heard of him, don't worry - neither have we. Nobody saw him for 30 years, then he just showed up one day. The news told us an international superstar had arrived to lead us into globalization. I don't know...Global TV said the same thing about Kevin Newman & Dawna Friesen.

    In the 30 years that writer Michael Ignatieff has lived abroad, he has sometimes heard the opinion that what happens in Canada is neither interesting nor instructive to others. "This view of my native land is painful to me," Ignatieff writes.

    So why does he stay away? "It's not easy to justify even to myself," Ignatieff says.

    He wanted, he says, to get his name up on "the Big Board"- publications like the New York Review Of Books and the New Yorker, to which Americans pay attention. Now that he's accomplished that, he hints that he may be ready to return.

    There have been Conservative attack-ads claiming Michael Ignatieff "didn't come home for you" (ie. the Canadian people). If you've ever seen HBO's polygamist drama 'Big Love', you'll know that it's not easy looking after four homes.

    Ignatieff says his journey "home" to the Ukraine was emotional and he hopes it shows onscreen.

    Ignatieff sympathizes with Ukrainian linguistic and cultural aspirations, but admits "I'm also what Canadians would call a Great Russian, and there is just a trace of old Russian disdain for these 'little Russians'."

    This phrase -- a well-meaning, but condescending one -- would drive most Ukrainians crazy.

    For those who deny that there is an American ideology, Michael Ignatieff has a crisp rebuttal: "Yes, we do have an ideology and, like all ideologies, it doesn't believe it is one. It just believes that it is The Truth."

    It is hard not to agree with Michael Ignatieff when he says: "There is nothing more frightening than American innocence. It's a fearsome, sometimes murderous innocence. Our inability to question our own motives is truly alarming."

    Maybe I shouldn't judge. After all, we're a worldly peoples. We humour third generation Canadians who add prefixes to their nationalities. We encourage trips to Paris, so the Quebecois can hear what French really sounds like. We even tolerate Albertans & their various cow-related fetishes.

    It's not like Michael Ignatieff's slagged off Canadians & pledged loyalty to a foreign nation.

    [Michael Ignatieff writing in the Toronto Star]

    There remains in the Canadian psyche what Freud called "the narcissism of minor difference" - a stubborn insistence on the small but vital inflections that make us different from the waning imperial culture to the south.

    If Canadians want a quiet life, they may have to give up on Canada altogether.

    Source: Toronto Star

    [Michael Ignatieff writing in the National Post]

    "Don't attack me, I'm a Canadian," is a very, very strong reflex in our country and always has been. And to be blunt, it is naive narcissism.

    In Washington, I live my working life in a policy environment in which Canada is a kind of well-meaning Boy Scout. We have aligned our foreign policy with that multilateral vision of the world and our neighbours to the south don't like it one little bit.

    Michael Ignatieff, who teaches at Harvard, concedes American misadventures...but he is most influenced by stirring words he repeats here:

    "First a wartime president, then a battlefield rabbi, then a black pastor -- all reach into the same treasure house of language, at once sacred and profane, to renew the faith of the only country on earth that believes in itself in this way, the only country whose citizenship is an act of faith, the only country whose promises to itself continue to command the faith of people like me, who are not its citizens."

    The Good Wife - Taking on the world's toughest energy challenges™

  • 4/13/2011
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  • Either the leisure class has nothing better to do...
    Or 'The Wall Street Journal' loved the psy-ops in 'The Good Wife' so much...they jizzed out an entire transcript of last nights episode:

    Source: Wall Street Journal (April 13, 2011)
    Former Senator Fred Thompson plays an actor turned lawyer who turns up, explaining that the Venezuelan government has nationalized Latin Star.

    Chavez is changing the law so there can be no fair market assessment. He has that power whenever he sees it necessary to protect the interest of Venezuela.

    “Oh my God,” says Will. “It’s like being in a Woody Allen movie.”

    The judge then rules that it would be in everyone’s interest for Lockhart, Gardner to join Frank in representing Chavez in the lawsuit.

    “Great,” mutters Will. “We have a dictator for a client.”

    A lot of incomprehensible back and forth leads to Will getting $87 mill, the extra bucks explained as “standard surcharge for dictators.”

    There was good reason to ignore Venezuela's countless internationally monitored elections, billions of dollars paid out for takeovers, & astoundingly uncharismatic lawyers.

    The American government, CBS, & Exxon could not let 'The Apple Pirates' go unchallenged:

    Source: CBC Radio 3 (April 12, 2011)
    Watch this great bunch of kids called the Apple Pirates covering Arkells’ song “The Ballad of Hugo Chavez”.

    Hahaha! Cute cover of an old song that still gets rotation up here:

    Album: Arkells - Jackson Square
    Song: The Ballad Of Hugo Chavez

    Alternate Video


    New state officials
    Are outside runnin' around...
    They're telling the public
    That I need...
    To be put down

    And Washington's saying...
    That I wasn't doing things

    But in the...
    (Pop! Pop!)
    Of the sun...
    (Hey! Hey! Hey!)

    Let's go to Mexico!

  • 4/13/2011
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  • Freeze! You're surrounded!

    Tired of being associated with rogues like these:

    Source: New York Daily News
    Of the 30 industrialized countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, only Mexico, Turkey and the United States fail to achieve universal coverage.

    Embarrassed by being singled out in lineups like these:

    Source: National Geographic & What If Post
    Countries with universal health care are represented by a blue line, those without universal coverage have a red line. The United States and Mexico are the only countries with red lines.

    The graph compares the health care systems of developed countries in terms of cost per person, life expectancy, and number of doctors visits.

    Click to enlarge

    Mexico has decided to reform:

    Source: Harvard Science
    Seguro Popular, a Mexican health care program instituted in 2003, has already reduced crippling health care costs among poorer households, according to an evaluation conducted by researchers at Harvard University in collaboration with researchers in Mexico.

    Among participating households, those suffering catastrophic health expenses were reduced by almost 60 percent, contributing to a 30 percent reduction in catastrophic health expenses across treatment communities.

    Reinforcing their side of the border:

    Source: Xinhua
    Universal health care in Mexico is expected to be achieved next year, Health Minister Jose Angel Cordova said Friday.

    The Northern state of Coahuila will be Mexico's first state covered with universal health care next week, and five more states with a population of 32.75 million or more will be under the same system in four months, Cordova told Xinhua in an exclusive interview.

    The five states, which will be covered by universal health care, are Sonora, Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Guanajuato as well as Mexico state, the most populous state with more than 15 million people.

    Monopoly man! You are surrounded by socialized medicine!
    Release your hostages & come out with your hands up!

    UPDATE! Mexican authorities are reporting a spike in border activity. The illegal migrants claim they are fleeing a devastated homeland & only seek coverage:

    Be a menace to Cuba cuz the only thing they'll charge you for in Texas is your juice

  • 4/11/2011
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  • Texas executions: Strictly reserved for the radical chic

    In a controlled environment, randomly selected jurors were presented with evidence most would consider "damning":

    Source: Associated Press (March 15, 2011)
    A New York Times reporter who interviewed a shadowy ex-CIA operative about masterminding bombings that rocked hotels, nightclubs and an iconic eatery in Cuba in 1997 is set to testify at his perjury trial Wednesday after long resisting taking the stand.

    Transcripts of the interview included in court files have Posada saying, "in the hotels, we put small explosives because we don't want to hurt anybody. Just make a big scandal."

    Italian tourist Fabio di Celmo was killed by an explosion in the lobby bar of Havana's Hotel Copacabana, and about a dozen others were injured in the wave of blasts between April and September 1997. A Cuban medical examiner testified earlier in the trial that di Celmo's throat was cut when the explosion blew apart an ashtray, sending shrapnel flying. Asked about di Celmo's death, Posada said, "It's sad because it's not intentional."

    Bardach said she recorded only five or six hours of the 13 she spent talking with Posada. "He was damning on tape, but he was much more damning when it was turned off," she said.

    Posada has since recanted statements he made to Bardach, saying they were in English, which he doesn't really speak. However, Posada lived and worked in Ohio, and also served as a translator while helping the U.S. support Contra rebels.

    The New York Times gave The Associated Press additional excerpts. Those include a part where Posada says he understands English and declares he has a clear conscience, saying "I sleep like a baby."

    Not surprisingly, the all-Texan jury confirmed what researchers have long suspected - offspring of the inbred possess significantly damaged frontal lobes (part of the brain responsible for language, planning, & judgment):

    Source: McClatchy (April 8, 2011)
    EL PASO, Texas -- After deliberating for three hours, a jury of seven women and five men acquitted Luis Posada Carriles on Friday on all 11 charges of lying to immigration officials about how he entered the U.S. in 2005 and his alleged role in bombings in Cuba in 1997.

    The verdict was a surprise to many observers who had expected jurors to deliberate for several days and find Posada guilty on at least some counts. No one had predicted an acquittal across the board on all perjury, fraud and obstruction charges.

    "I feel happy," said Posada, beaming. "I am supremely grateful to the United States of America, to the fairness with which I've been judged, to the jury that absolved me and what happened here should serve as an example for justice in my country, Cuba, which is unfortunately in the hands of a dictator."

    Before this trial, researchers only possessed anecdotal evidence:

    Source: The Daily Mail
    George Osborne then recounted a meeting between Boris Johnson and George W. Bush a few years previously.

    Bush appeared to be enjoying himself until he spied Boris's wrist.

    'Are you wearing a Che Guevara watch?' asked Bush with a confused look on his face.

    'It's actually my sister's,' blushed Boris.

    'I don't care about that,' smiled Bush. 'In Texas we execute people for wearing Che Guevara watches...'

    The wind began to HOOOoooWWWwwwLLll!

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  • Two riders were approaching...Two riders were approaching...

    What's better than Springsteen & E-Street on a Friday?
    Neil Young, Springsteen, & E-Street on a Monday!

    Oh the gueeetars! The drums! The sax!
    The spectacle of spectacled Max Weinberg pounding the bitch...
    Fuck work!! Grab a brew! Light one up! Fuck Yeah!!

    Album: Bruce Springsteen (featuring Neil Young) - Vote for Change Tour: St. Paul, MN
    Song: All Along The WatchTower

    See y'all next week!


    In two hours, I'll be headed out west to Canada's newest hub of radical islamic terrorism. We'll see how progressive & tolerant they are when I walk around in a leafs jersey. It's a short trip, and I'll be back on Sunday night - killing the illuminati by Monday.

    I leave behind a mom who thinks Calgary is one giant cow farm, friends who suggest driving back because the airport screens for BC bud, and a serb girlfriend who's threatened to cut me up like a kosovar - should I try anything (minus her views on the balkans, she's actually a very sweet person).

    Won't lie, trips like these make my dick scream "freedom!". Luckily, my heart has faster access to my brain. Within an hour away from home, the violin starts looping in my head:

    Album: Old Crow Medicine Show - O.C.M.S.
    Song: Wagon Wheel

    Alternate Video


    Walkin' to the south out of Roanoke
    I caught a trucker out of Philly, had a nice long toke
    But he's a' headed west from the Cumberland Gap...
    To Johnson City, Tennessee
    And I gotta get a move on, before the sun
    I hear my baby callin' my name & I know that she's the only one
    And if I die in Raleigh - at least I will die free!

    So rock me mama like a wagon wheel, rock me mama anyway you feel
    Hey mama rock me...
    Rock me mama like the wind and the rain
    Rock me mama like a south-bound train
    Hey mama rock me...

    Product Placement

  • 4/06/2011
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  • Antonio Sola puts the finishing touches on his new product.

    Meet Michel Martelly, Haiti's first gay president:

    Source: The Guardian & welcome2haiti

    In the years following Aristide's restoration to power in 1994, Martelly became obsessed with hatred for the man. In a video from not too long ago, which can be seen on YouTube, the candidate threatens a patron in a bar where he has performed. "All those shits were Aristide's faggots," he says. "I would kill Aristide to stick a dick up your ass."

    How did the belly-button flasher who'd like to "stick a dick up your ass" become president?

    Source: McClatchy

    Though Martelly attended Haiti's prestigious Saint-Louis de Gonzague, he proved to be a lackluster student. He enrolled at Red Rocks Community College in Colorado in 1984, and later at what was then known as Miami-Dade Community College, but dropped out.

    Through late-night shows, Martelly became associated with a Haitian elite class openly indifferent to the suffering of the poor majority. That show of defiance was on display in the early 1990s. After military leaders toppled the democratically elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 1991, Martelly stayed, running a club with his wife.

    The new Michel Martelly, always neatly dressed in a dark suit, engages in the kind of keen strategy that gets him photographed alongside former President Clinton. Martelly hired a Spanish consulting firm with right-of-center ties to help put a polishing touch on the biggest performance of his life so far: winning the Haitian presidency.

    That "right-of-center" Spanish consulting firm is 'Ostos Sola', lead by Antonio Sola:

    Source: Inter Press Service
    In Mexico, Antonio Sola from Spain, who has ties to Spain's rightwing opposition Popular Party, and Dick Morris of the U.S., ex-consultant to former President Bill Clinton (1993-2001), advised current president Felipe Calderon during the tense electoral campaign in 2006 that led to his victory.

    Sola and Morris -- who in 1996 resigned from the Clinton reelection campaign after his own affair with a prostitute, who revealed private White House information, came to light -- have been identified as the people behind Calderon's smear campaign against his opponent Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who was the candidate of the leftwing Democratic Revolution Party (PRD).

    Perhaps you'll recall his recycling of fascist era imagery in Spain & Mexico:

    Source: Inter Press Service

    The theme of the girl -- 'la nina' -- has triggered controversy. The Cuatro TV station reported that its origins can be traced back to Franco's granddaughter, Carmencita, whose grandparents voiced a similar phrase half a century ago. The station also pointed to similar words used by Mexico's current conservative President Felipe Calderon in a speech in a stadium in 2006, when he was a candidate.

    According to the station, the 'coincidence' can be attributed to the fact that adviser Antonio Sola had worked for both Calderon and Guatemala's rightwing Patriotic Party & the Spanish PP candidate.

    Maybe you saw one of his many spots in El Salvador, where Hugo Chavez apparently ran for president:

    Source: Reforma
    Sola llevó a las pantallas salvadoreñas las frases "Funes: un peligro para El Salvador" y, en referencia al candidato de Arena, Rodrigo Ávila, "el presidente del empleo". Las mismas que utilizó en el 2006 para denostar a Andrés Manuel López Obrador y promover a Felipe Calderón.

    Los spots que advertían que el amigo favorito del candidato del FMLN era el presidente de Venezuela se convirtieron en los más numerosos. Según el coordinador de campaña de Funes, Roberto Lorenzana, al final de la campaña Chávez apareció más en la propaganda electoral que el candidato de Arena: de 6 mil 296 spots entre el 1o. de febrero y el 1o. de marzo pasado, 2 mil 852 fueron dedicados a Chávez y 2 mil 128 a Ávila.

    Why is any of this important? Because Michel Martelly had his ideological opponents erased from the ballots - leaving only dusty musty Mirlande Manigat as his competition. Faced with virtually no challenge, his people kept the kids gloves on...taking the presidency with only 15% popular support.

    They're saving all that dirty ammunition for the real campaign - which is just beginning.

    I guess the earthquake destroyed math

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  • I asked these dumbasses to calculate the popular vote. They gave me performance art.

    Haiti just completed its two-round presidential election process.

    These were the final results from the first round election in 2010:

    Source: CIA FactBook & Provisional Electoral Council

    Total population: 9,719,932
    Total eligible voters: 4,712,693
    Total votes cast: 1,074,056

    Michel Martelly
    Total votes cast: 234,617
    Popular support among eligible voters: 5%
    Popular support among the population: 2.5%

    Mirlande Manigat
    Total votes cast: 336,878
    Popular support among eligible voters: 7%
    Popular support among the population: 3.5%

    Popular support among eligible voters

    These were the preliminary results from the second round election in 2011:

    Source: CIA FactBook & Haiti Libre

    Total population: 9,719,932
    Total eligible voters : 4,694,961
    Tota votes cast: 1,053,733

    Michel Martelly
    Total votes cast: 716,986
    Popular support among eligible voters: 15%
    Popular support among the population: 7%

    Mirlande Manigat
    Total votes cast: 336,747
    Popular support among eligible voters: 7%
    Popular support among the population: 3.5%

    Popular support among eligible voters

    And this was the batshit crazy analysis coming out of North America:

    Source: The New York Times

    One of Haiti's most popular entertainers was elected president in a landslide, according to results announced Monday.

    It appears that Haitians believed that only a political outsider like Mr. Martelly could change the country's direction.

    Source: Reuters

    "Martelly's victory implies a rejection of the political class that has both governed and been in the opposition," said Robert Fatton Jr., a Haiti expert and professor in the University of Virginia's Department of Politics.

    "Martelly captured the mood of the voters by cleverly using his 'bad boy' image to enhance his status as the ultimate 'outsider' who symbolized change," he told Reuters.

    Source: Associated Press

    “Micky is a political animal, and the political establishment failed to realize how much of a phenomenon he is,” said Garry Pierre-Pierre, editor and publisher of The Haitian Times, a New York-based newspaper. “This is a man who literally can get a million people to move to his groove.”

    Hope these motherfuckers get buried under the landslide they're manufacturing.
    Copyright 2010 VeeeATCH!