An intro & outro

They gave him 25 to improve life.

Tell me a story?
In 1989, a radio host gave us an intro to a 17 year-old nerd. The kid promoted social justice & a meetup at the public library. Room 302, you could've learned alot by just being there:

What happened next?
The kid went on to study all the prophets from Buddha to Allah - down to Bakunin & Marx. Drawing from the best of their ideas, he forged a new gospel. Not content to leave his legacy to disciples & scribes, he mastered song so that his church would be our hearts & minds.

Then what happened?
I've seen lots of explanations, theories, & laments. Immortal Technique rightly observed why such confusion exists: "What the industry did to Pac they did to Jesus - Rapin' his vocals and destroying his message."

So what really happened?
It's not so confusing if you listen to his words. A decent grasp of history doesn't hurt either. This website will put the pieces back together. Follow the progress by referring to the tag: The Greatest Artist Of All Time.

Okay, what happened in the end?
In 1996, another radio host introduced a 25 year old rogue. He was accused of promoting alot of things. It may not have been intended that way, but what followed was a beautiful outro:

Album: Makaveli - 7 Day Theory
Song: To live & die in L.A.

Alternate Video


Shed tears as we bury niggas close to heart
What was a friend - now a ghost in the dark
Cold hearted about it - nigga got smoked by a fiend...
Trying to floss on him - blind to a broken man's dreams


Costs more to be free than a life in the pen
Making money off of cuss words, writing again
Learn how to think ahead, so I fight with my pen
Late night down Sunset liking the sin
What's the worst they could do to a nigga?
Got me lost in hell - to live and die in LA, on bail
My angel sing...


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