Al Giordano: Il duce of dumbasses

  • 3/20/2011
  • P-ublic E-nemy
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  • The extent of Al Giordano's gorilla training

    On February 23 2011, Al Giordano decided he was a strategic genius:

    Source: The Field
    [Skipping the first 11 paragraphs of shameless, rambling, self-promotion...]

    Somewhat less skillful, on Castro’s part, has been his ham-handed attempt to shift the attention from the atrocity underway to a hypothetical one: His statement that, “the United States is totally unconcerned about peace in Libya and will not hesitate to give NATO the order to invade that rich country, possibly in a matter of hours or a few days.”

    First of all, what could NATO possibly do to the Libyan people that Gaddafi isn’t already doing?

    ...these events indicate that it is not NATO or foreign powers that will most quickly dispose of the despot, but the very people he has governed for 42 years.

    Today is March 20 2011 & US Vice Adm. William Gortney is showing off Pentagon video of NATO's various attacks on Libya.

    When asked about NATO's killing of Libyan ground troops, he responded: "If Libyan infantry are moving onto opposition forces in Libya, they are under attack."

    When asked if NATO would stop rebels from attacking immobile Libyan troops, he responded: "At this point I'm not ready to step outside the messaging we've put out."

    Al-Jazeera has just reported smoke arising from the Libyan presidential palace, and explosions all around the capital of Tripoli. The result of NATO aerial bombings.

    We thank Al Giordano for his ham-handed attempt at out-thinking a man who's outlasted 9 American presidents.

    P.S. If you think I couldn't have done any better, see what I wrote on February 22 2011 (one day before Al posted his piece). At least my self-promotion comes under 10 paragraphs, and contains truth.


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