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  • 3/22/2011
  • P-ublic E-nemy
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  • The United States has already apologized for launching biological attacks on Guatemala. Unfortunately, due to the delay in tort reform, victims have shamelessly launched a class action lawsuit:

    Source: Christian Science Monitor
    An apology is not enough for Guatemalans deliberately infected with syphilis by a US medical team in the 1940s. Five months after the American taxpayer-funded medical experiment came to light, victims have brought a class-action lawsuit against the US government seeking compensation for resulting health problems.

    The court brief charges that US public health doctors hired prostitutes diagnosed with syphilis or gonorrhea to have sexual relations with soldiers, prison inmates, and psychiatric patients in Guatemala with the intention of spreading the disease. Once the unknowing subjects were diagnosed with illnesses, the US medical team tested them for potential cures, including penicillin. Orphaned Guatemalan children as young as 6 years old were used as an uninfected test group, according to the suit.

    Today, an hour-long investigation by the erotic domestic affairs publication VeeeATCH! has uncovered a startling follow-up. Through confidential chronic inhalation & contacts at google search, investigative journalist P-ublic E-nemy discovered that - in 2004 - Brazilian President Lula da Silva instructed his intelligence services to avenge the attacks on Guatemala.

    The revelation is surprising, as the president is considered "a harmless moderate" in the north, and "our furry little Ewok" in the south. Aides say Lula resented being depicted as a little pussy. Avenging the attacks on Guatemala would prove that he was, in fact, more like "Yoda" - 20 lbs of!

    The effort codenamed 'Operation Tchutchuca' targeted Southern California. Its aims were to launch retaliatory biological attacks, cause mass panic, & inflict significant economic losses. As this secret document reveals, all the aims were met:

    Source: Associated Press
    Flush with dollars, American porn film directors swoop into Brazil for its exotic and uninhibited women, dazzling tropical backdrops and cheap production costs -- a phenomenon that has turned South America's largest country into a prime destination for adult film outsourcing.

    But producers chose the country with the most people in the hemisphere with HIV or AIDS after the United States. They usually head to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro -- home to 60 percent of the 540,000 Brazilians with HIV or AIDS, according to a recent World Bank study.

    The infection of an American porn star with HIV last month after shooting unprotected sex scenes with more than a dozen Brazilian women is sending shock waves through the industry's California heartland.

    Darren James, the American actor who contracted the virus, apparently in Brazil, performed with 13 actresses after returning to the United States before a blood test two weeks ago showed he was HIV-positive.

    One partner, Lara Roxx, also tested HIV positive. Since then, more than 50 performers who had contact with the two or their on-screen sex partners have been barred by the American industry from performing pending new tests.

    Thirty companies halted production, virtually shuttering a business based in California's San Fernando Valley that generates at least $4.4 billion annually.

    Also uncovered are audio intercepts of elite funk force Furacao 2000, relaying key offensive instructions:

    Album: Furacao 2000
    Song: Tchutchuca Treme O Bumbum


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