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  • 3/19/2011
  • P-ublic E-nemy
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  • Word motherfucking life.

    European Union nations approved sales of $470 million in weapons to Gadhafi's military in 2009 alone.

    The U.S. peak was $46 million in approved defense sales — up from $5 million in Libyan defense sales the year before.

    Transfers included guns, ammunition, explosives, chemical/biological materials, surveillance equipment, & military vehicles.

    Source: Southeast European Times
    This week Turkey stood firm against military intervention and economic sanctions against the regime of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

    Turkish projects in Libya are valued at $15.3 billion, and the trade between the countries amounted to an estimated $2.4 billion in 2010. According to Ankara's export planners, Turkey's arms trade in the Middle East and North Africa has not been affected by the turmoil. Defence exports are expected to total $1.5 billion this year.

    Source: Sunday Times
    South Africa had a legal obligation not to trade in conventional arms with states engaged in repression, aggression or terrorism.

    More than 100 sniper rifles and more than 50,000 rounds of ammunition may have been exported to Libya in late 2010. Other weapons systems sold appeared to include 40mm multiple grenade launchers, Hercules C130 aircraft, and armoured personnel carriers.

    Source: Reuters
    After the meeting on Venezuela's Caribbean resort island of Margarita, Chavez presented Gaddafi with a replica of a sword of South American independence hero Simon Bolivar.


    1. Bina said...
    2. What? Venezuela didn't sell him weapons??? None of those Kalashnikovs they're building? Nothing more than one measly sword--a replica of Bolívar's, at that???

      Fuck this shit. Chávez must die! No unauthorized swords for Libya!!!

      BTW, the young Chavecito clone is priceless.

    3. P-ublic E-nemy said...
    4. He's actually the bastard child of Nicolas Maduro & Lina Ron. Like Billy Ray Cyrus, I'm compelled to exploit him.

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