Who is Melquan? Dude kills it on 'Paid'

  • 3/25/2011
  • P-ublic E-nemy
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  • The way this song should be enjoyed - On a throne with a sword surrounded by 5 handmaids.

    Dumped a whole bunch of Public Enemy on my mp3 player a while back. These guys are a bit before my time, so many times I will skip songs because the beats sound too retro & annoying.

    But one day, on a random shuffle, this track came on & I did a fucking spinach flip (which I assumed to mean throwing my moms weekend dub in the air).

    This cat Melquan kills it in every which way: smart observations, brilliant rhyme flow, & badasss attitude. I can't find anything about him online, so if you know something (like any albums, mixtapes, whatever) hit up the comment box.

    Perfect for this Friday night. If you're downtown & hear this blasting from an overpopulated civic, give us a finger...the police always do.

    Album: Public Enemy (featuring Melquan) - Respect The Legends Mix Series
    Song: Paid

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    Spinach flips
    My lips sit on top of Cristal bottle tips
    Sippin ready to flip
    Do a hit on a rapper that a serpent
    Criminal fakin jacks
    Luxury in his raps ain't facts
    It's a camouflage
    Large niggas keep it on the low black
    No raps or Kodak
    Just stackin cheese freezers packed


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