How far we've come

  • 3/28/2011
  • P-ublic E-nemy
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  • 2003: The year you couldn't fight or fuck without night-vision.

    Remember the Iraq invasion in 2003? Though I was a yungin', I can still recall the sights and sounds as my TV broadcast an endless parade of overnight human rights activists, feminists, & democrats. They all agreed, other peoples children needed to act, and act now. Without Paris Hilton, the year would have lacked serious thought.

    Remember 'Control Room' from 2004? The documentary introduced us to a young network called Al-Jazeera. They challenged dogma & gave voice to collateral damage. I wanted to date an Arab reporter & get her integrity to rub off on me.
    Before we go any further, journalists in the northern hemisphere can relax. You're so vain, you probably think this song's about you. It isn't. Seriously, like 63% of us are proud your profession hires so many dyslexics.
    No, this is about young jeezy. Actually, it's 2011 and jeezy's not young anymore. They've found their Iraq in Libya, their Saddam in Gadhafi, and their Pentagon in Qatar. As we shoot the shit, so do Qatar & NATO. To be fair, everyone knows Arab fighter jets are programmed to fly away from Israel and towards Muslims.

    Throughout the day, Al-Jazeera's interview & debate segments are handed over to various Libyan exiles from the US & the UK. When a reporter appears in Benghazi, he's sure to be accompanied by helpless victims or victorious heroes. When a reporter appears in Tripoli, she's sure to be alone and highly skeptical of civilian casualties.
    Al-Jazeera sent Anita McNaught to report from the parallel universe that seems to be Tripoli.

    During an early report, McNaught showed off the aftermath of a NATO attack on the presidential compound. She suggested the Libyan government themselves caused the damage - as the rubble lacked sufficient smoke & fire. Within minutes, American hospitals began treating 911 truthers for debilitating erections.

    In a later report, McNaught showed off pictures of dead bodies at a morgue. This time, she entertained the possibility of NATO culpability - because the bodies were sufficiently "mangled". Quickly enough, she suggested that Bin Ladin Saddam Gadhafi counted his terrorists fedayeen reserves as civilians. By the off-chance that civilians were in the bunch, she repeatedly warned the audience that the images were highly "political" in nature.
    Yes. Al-Jazeera dismissed images of dead Muslims as "political".


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