Black Swan

  • 3/25/2011
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  • For people who have not seen it, check out 'Black Swan'. Saw it couple of weeks ago with some friends at empire, and everyone thought it was cool.

    For people who have seen it, click "Read More" to reveal the first ever superduper VeeeATCH movie review. Got some spoilers, so nosy people be warned: I believe in reviews as an appreciation of the finer points - not as a stupid tease. In that, I'm very much like your aunt Florence and her Tuesday afternoon book club.

    Also, hit up the comments and share your thoughts - long or short. When it comes to art (unlike geo-politics & sex in public places) I do value other peoples opinions.

    Black Swan - An Appreciation

    In the end, Nina dies muttering something about reaching perfection.

    While we were walking out of the theatre, a friend cutely moaned "aaaawww, that was such a sad ending". For some reason, I said "nah, that's a happy ending". Then I giggled like a kid who just stuck bubble gum in his sisters hair.

    I'm not a sociopath. When I think about it more, this is what I should have said...

    Most my highschool hours were spent preparing for the CFL (laugh, but it's true). I went through so many training camps & programs, I didn't have an actual summer vacation until I dropped out. The position I played, defensive end, is a surprisingly individualistic role in a supposed team sport. So all of Nina's introverted anal behaviour...I could relate to it on some level.

    When you dedicate yourself to something so strongly, to the exclusion of everything else...Nina's death is like going out in a fucking blaze of glory. She'd mastered both the physicality & artistry of her sport, then she'd executed it to perfection. If she had survived, she'd inevitably end up as Winona Ryder's character - obsolete & useless. Realizing this on some subconscious level, her death was a happy ending - in her own mind.

    'Black Swan' is one of the great sports movies. Right up there with 'Any Given Sunday'. They're great because they're not impressed by the fact that Icarus can fly. Instead, they're disgusted by the fact that we encouraged him to fly straight into the sun.


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